Apple Core Imge Face Detection Fail

Apple Core Image Facial Detection Fails

Available in Apple’s new OS v5.0 and OS X v10.7 and later is the ability to detect faces in an image using “Core Image.”

There are two major types of facial detection abilities out there right now:

  • Face Detection
  • Face Recognition

The former says, “hey there’s a face in this rectangular area.”  The latter says, “hey, that’s Jimmy Smith.”

The new OS feature gives you the ability to easily detect faces.  This is an example of the result of a successful face detection using this software.

apple core image facial detection 2

With our Ship Mate Cruise App, we have users uploading hundreds of photos per day.  Ideally, we eliminate or isolate “selfies” from the mix. Most users love to be seen by randoms, but don’t like looking at pictures of randoms.  As a result, we get a bunch of people uploading images of themselves and other users getting annoyed and sending us comments like the following.

“This is supposed to be a cruise app. Can you please delete all the pics of fat dudes looking like they gonna eat the camera!!!”

So my brother found the Core Image Face Detection tool and integrated it as a selfie guard.

Within the first day, these got stuck in the filter.

core image facial recognition fail #6

This is a carved watermelon by a cruise ship employee displayed on board.  I’d tell him what a great job he did with the details and fooling Apple, if it weren’t for a few of the shots below.

core image fail #1

You’re 1 for 3 on this one Apple.  Actually, I’m taking away your one point due to the ghost capture… unless it’s a real ghost. Then you get all the points.

core image fail #3

I have mixed emotions about this one.  I’m really impressed that you nailed the faded out, black and white portrait from 70 yards.  But, how did you not get anyone on this field-trip?  Not even space hipster making the exact same pose 50 yards closer.

core image fail #4

That stencil woman looks more like a human than this weird kid. PS – your parents need to ration off that soda package to last the full 7 days.


core image fail #2This kind of looks like my buddy Sean, so I totally get this one.


core image face recognition fail #5By far my favorite of the group.

Will try to update if I get any more classics.

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