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Button Color, From Name & Time Sent: Email Marketing Results

Email Marketing – Best Time to Send, From Name & Button Color

Recently, I sent out a few hundred thousand emails to our users.  The message was the same to all, announcing the launch of our new Android version of Ship Mate.  We’ve never hit up all of our users at once and I wanted to make sure to maximize opens and clicks.

I had a few areas in mind to A/B test before sending to all:

  • Email subject
  • From name
  • Sent time
  • Button color

When searching for recommendations from others, I found the same answer from pretty much every source I came across… ” it depends on your user base.”  I couldn’t find anyone that would show actual results, which was annoying.

When referring to Subject Line… fine, I get it.  But with button colors, times, and from names, there has to be some overlap.

So in case this is of any value, here are my results.  In each of the three tests, the factor in play was the only tweaked variable – all else was held constant.  And each went to over 10k people, so the sample should be legit.

Email Marketing – Time Sent

All were sent on a Thursday (PST).

best email marketing time - 1pm

12:45 PM

best email marketing time - 4pm

3:40 PM

best email marketing time - 5pm

5:00 PM


Email Marketing – From Name

All were sent at the same time, with the same subject line, and button color.  The following names were alternated:

  • Tara (obvious female)
  • Dana (obvious female)
  • Jan (ambiguous)
  • Mike (so manly)

Each of the above humans actually works in our company and was informed that thousands of emails were going to be sent from them.

best from name - email marketing - tara

best from name - email marketing - dana  best from name - email marketing - jan

best from name - email marketing - mike


Email Marketing – Button Color

I think this is probably the most helpful piece of this little experiment.

I’d read some psychological studies that gave reason for orange performing better than the other colors.  I don’t remember what they were, but whatever the thesis, it seems to have panned out here.

If I were sending an email with a button and had to pic a color… I’d pick orange.  Hopefully that alone makes this post worth reading… Maybe I should put this part at the top.

email marketing - button color - orange

email marketing - button color - red

email marketing - button color - green

So… if you’re about to send an email to a bunch of people – send it at 5pm (PST) from “Jan” with an orange button.  If that doesn’t work well, then, maybe it depends on your user base.

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