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Should a Mobile App have a Web Presence?

When we started Ship Mate, it was only on mobile.  Eventually, we had so much user created content that we had to go web.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the search benefits of thousands of comments, chat, pics and other user created content created daily.  So should a mobile app have a web presence?  If you have a ton of otherwise wasted content, I say yeah.

People say some weird shit in our chat rooms.  And people search for some weird shit in Google.  More often than you’d think, this weird shit overlaps and leads to people landing on our page. User created content is great for long tail search.

mobile app web page

Here’s some examples of the long tail keywords that have led people to our site.

    • flying cruise ship
    • hot girls on cruises
    • i’m a wonderful morning funny liberty
    • little french key
    • reflection cruise hot wife
    • what do you call a native of acapulco
    • was it queen elizabeth or queen mary that loved sugar cane

Long tail makes up 99% of our traffic.

You can even quantify the results of this if you’d like.  Just use one of the SEO tools to like SpyderMate to see your “Google US Traffic Value.”  You can see we’re getting a couple thousand bucks a year in search benefits.


So now that we have all these people coming to our web page, what are we gonna do with them?  Since they’re getting to us by searching things unrelated to the app, like “naked boat parties,” it’s fair to assume many may not yet have Ship Mate.  We obviously want them to download the app.  We’re now in the process of building a sales page to get them interested in the app.

I looked at the most popular mobile apps and how they sell their product.  Click to see the best mobile app landing pages and to check out ours.

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